Acquisition and management of international industrial assets
Complete the cycle with Corimac
Method and transparency in assets' management
The world has changed and competition is becoming more gruelling.

Society requires changes and reforms forcing us to abandon the patterns from the past and, pragmatically, to beat the systems protected by the usual suspects that hamper-obstacle in every sphere the achievement of goals on fixed dates.
Working for over 40 years

We are leaders in the intermediation of Italian manufacturing industry goods.

Conglomerate network

The companies in the Group can operate with expertise in all sectors.

Team of professionals

Our staff can value goods and assets placing them back on the market.

Steady growth

Our business has grown steadily over the last years.

Expertise in all areas

We manage all those areas which strategic importance have made them become primary sectors.

High-level partners

In our business we work with the leading companies on the market.

Leader group in marketing the Italian manufacturing industry assets

we have developed from the beginning an international vision of the markets

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